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There's a couple of fun programs, Jasc® Paint Shop Pro® 7 & Virtual Painter™, that let you take an image and apply different painting effects to it.   You can either click on the "SlideShow" or click on each thumbnail to see a larger rendition of the 'painting' - it's very hard to see the differences in just the thumbnails.  Sometimes on the slideshow, the first picture will be missed the first time around, but you can see it the second time.  Have fun!!



Original photo Dani hat Kodi Bluebonnets-o-f.jpg (15007 bytes) Casey original photo
Collage Dani hat collage Kodi bluebonnets collage-f.jpg (16058 bytes) Casey collage
Colored Pencil Dani hat colored pencil Kodi Bluebonnets colorpencil-f.jpg (15898 bytes) Casey color pencil
Drawing danihat-drawing-f.jpg (15862 bytes) Kodi Bluebonnets drawing-f.jpg (18502 bytes) Casey drawing
Gouache Dani hat gouache Kodi Bluebonnets gouache-f.jpg (14391 bytes) Casey gouache
Impasto Dani hat impasto Kodi Bluebonnets impasto-f.jpg (13250 bytes) Casey impasto
Triangles danihat-triangles-f.jpg (15272 bytes) Kodi Bluebonnets triangles-f.jpg (13131 bytes) Casey triangles
Oil Dani hat oil Kodi Bluebonnets oil Casey oil
Watercolor Dani hat watercolor Kodi Bluebonnets watercolor Casey watercolor


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