Other Samoyed Sites:

WhiteStar Samoyeds --A mega site with every imaginable Samoyed link
SamBear -- Samoyed Breeders - Ethical and Responsible referral list  -- Breeders listed on this website are members of the Samoyed Club of America, the Samoyed Association of Canada or other foreign parent breed club.
Samfans Listserve --An internet discussion group for Samoyed fanciers.
Samoyed Homepage -- Greg Newell's site with links to the Samoyed Club of America, Samoyed Rescue Alliance and OWS (Organization for the Working Samoyed)
Alpine Wolf Samoyeds -- Scott Vail's website with some great photography.
Keanani Samoyeds -- Lory Barra's website with ceramic Keanani Art Ware including cookie jars and food/water bowls.
SunTrip Samoyeds --Ann Daugherty's website. Be sure to check out Fave links.
Shadow-Wood Samoyeds --Stirling and Patti Rasmussen's website. Be sure to visit the Getting Started page if you have a new puppy and check out Patti's Puppy Guide and Show Puppy guide while you are there.

Information on Samoyeds:

Samoyed: The Versatile Beauty -- article by Kent & Donna Dannen from the OWS site.
History-- "Aboriginal Samoyed Dogs of the Yamal Peninsula", article and photographs by Vladimir Beregovoy.

Grooming -- Debbie Baird's wonderful presentation on how to groom a Samoyed. Visit the Dynasty Samoyeds website.

Is a Samoyed the Right Pet for You?

Regional Samoyed Clubs:

Antietam Creek Samoyed Club
Barbary Coast Samoyed Club
Buckeye Samoyed Club
          Channel Islands Samoyed Club
Chigagoland Samoyed Club
Delaware Valley Samoyed Club
Denver Samoyed Association
          Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers
Heart of America Samoyed Club
North Texas Samoyed Fanciers
Northern California Samoyed Fanciers, Inc.
Potomac Valley Samoyed Club, Inc.
Prairieland Samoyed Club
Red River Samoyed Club (TX)
          Samoyed Association of Madison, Inc. (SAMI)
Samoyed Association of Metro Detroit, Inc.
Samoyed Association of Minneapolis/St. Paul
Samoyed Club of Austin, Inc.
Samoyed Club of Central Arizona
Samoyed Club of Washington State
Samoyed Fanciers of Central Florida
          Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club
Willamette Valley Samoyed Fanciers

Samoyed Rescue:

North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.
Samoyed Club of Austin Rescue
Samoyed Rescue Alliance
Playing Again Sams - Wisconsin Rescue
Sam Urgency for Rescue Samoyeds -- SamUrgency is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization created to help Samoyed rescue dogs in urgent need of medical care, without which their lives would be in jeopardy.
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