Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV)
Bloat (gastric dilation) occurs when fluid or ingesta accumulate in the stomach and are unable to escape due to a mechanical or functional obstruction of the gastroesophageal and pyloric openings. Bloat may occur with or without twisting (volvulus) of the stomach. When bloat is accompanied by twisting, it is a life threatening emergency--see first-aid section below.
At the Samoyed Club of America 2001 National in Denver Colorado, Dr. Jane Biggerstaff, DVM,  gave a very informative lecture on bloat.  Pam Landers wrote a synopsis of this lecture that was published in the Winter 2001-2002 Samoyed Quarterly and you can read that article by clicking here.
Signs and Symptoms
  • non-productive vomiting - dry heaves
  • restlessness, inability to find a comfortable position, pacing
  • increased salivation - drooling
  • progressive distension of the abdomen - tender stomach which is round and taut
  • whining, panting
  • weakness
  • depression
  • elevated heart rate


Bloat research program at Purdue University


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